Daily Accounting Device for a Small Hotel

It's used in a village hotel at Kerala to account there daily business. Before that they use paper and calcular and did daily accounting manually. Smart Wallets changed their life.

Inventory for a Fancy Store

Day to day purchase and sale accounting in star wallet. The owner of the fancy centre can evaluate daily transactions, profit, loss etc. Smart Wallet reduce there effort to manual accounting.

Autmobile Service Centre

An automobile workshop and service centre using this application remind their customers for future service and check up. They can easily trace the customers with this application. Smart wallets convert their work place a customer friendly one.

Personal Accounting

Many professional use this wallet to calculate their monthly budget, regular income and expense etc. It's very easy tool for personal accounting. Multi user and multi device login enable it to use it for complete family at any time.

Computer Dealer Shop

It's widely used in computer dealers at Tamilnadu to trace there regular customers and daily sales and expense volume. It can use for any kind of products. Star Wallets higher option package help them to account it for ten years.

medical Labs & Diagnosis Centres

Star Wallets is a best application for medical labs and diagonis centre to remind there regular patients to up to date here medical check ups. It's can check there previous amount, date extra.

Internet Cafe and DTP centres

Star Wallets allow a net work of shops to link each other for there finance matters. Owner or account can easily identify and evaluate the income and expense of each centres easily without any paper works. They easily monitor the income and expense flow.

Clincis & nursing Homes

Picking the patients appointments and sending reminders was huge procedure for some clinics. All the time they need to keep the records as file and refer them each and every time. Now it's very easy Platinum Star Wallets allow one to send custom message to the patients easily.

Suppliers and Dealers

Star Wallets helps suppliers to trigger there pending payments and day to day transactions. Shop visit details, dead stock, pending payments extra. Gold Star Wallets is the best package for them to access the data on the go.